Artwist Modul is a series of
handmade, two-sided art pieces
that are aimed at those who
enjoy an attractive, harmonious
and unique ambient and are
sophisticated, creative and ready
to move boundaries.

These art pieces are created to help you stay connected to the
nature even in the midst of a “concrete jungle” and are there to
help you feel more “in tune” with planet Earth. They will help bring
serenity and calmness to any space they are placed at and they
fit perfectly into personalised interior, because they are easy to
adapt to each ambience and with its uniqueness they can embrace
clients’ personal sensibility.

Artwist Modul is an environmentally friendly product
that is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic/non-allergen.
One side of the artwork is made of reindeer moss that
is hand-picked in Scandinavia in a sustainable way,
preserving the forests. The other side is a mosaic of
different fruits of nature (including moss), such as: dry
bark, wood stumps of different types of trees (birch,
beech, linden, pine tree, etc.) and different dry legumes
(chestnut, burdock, hops, carob, poppy, vanilla, etc.).

The product requires zero maintenance (no watering,
pruning or sunlight) and does not attract insects. The
product is aimed at indoor use and is safe as it is
naturally fire resistant. Artwist Modul is a natural air
humidity indicator: it dries when air humidity falls below
30% and becomes soft again when the humidity rises
above 30%. It keeps its form, texture and colour for a
number of years – 3 years guaranteed durability, but
product lifetime reaches 5 to 10 years.